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You’re feeling sluggish, craving junk food, skin issues are arising like eczema, acne, or dry skin, struggling with weight gain, or maybe can’t ditch that water retention? These are all common symptoms of a toxic diet! Coming off the Holiday junk food and bad habits can be tough but giving your body a reset through a juice cleanse is a great way to combat those symptoms.


Some of the many benefits are:
– Help your liver detox
– Give your digestive system a break and allow it to heal
– More easily absorbed nutrition
– Helps your body to slim down and have more energy

start juicing now!

juice cleanses.

all of our juices are fresh pressed in house.
each 16 oz juice is stored in an air tight reusable bottle.

all cleanses need a 24 hour turnaround upon order and payment through cleanse manager. all cleanse order forms will be replied to between 8am-6pm monday thru sunday. 

1 Day Cleanse


6 • 16 oz juices
1 • 2 oz ginger shot

2 Day Cleanse


12 • 16 oz juices
2 • 2 oz ginger shot

3 Day Cleanse


18 • 16 oz juices
3 • 2 oz ginger shot

disclaimer: this information and this juice cleanse provided by the wellness bar is not intended to substitute for consultations with your doctor, nor medical advice/nutrition specific to your health conditions. the wellness bar disclaims any liability arising from your use of this cleanse or for any adverse outcome of the use of this cleanse.

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